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The State Department of China issued the ideas of “ China Manufacturing 2025” in May of 2015.  China will focus on the weakness and bottleneck of manufacturing industry in the following years and speed up manufacturing transformation and upgrading. The purpose is to enhance the manufacturing ability and aim to get sustainable development.

From the year of 2004 to 2010, we see the sustaineble increasing of the canned food output of China, showing its big potential. But because it is low in the technological threshold, the development trend of unification and disordering were seriously obstruct its future development. It becomes very imperative to integrate the whole industry. As the kye player of the industry, we have the strength of brand value, marketing, talents and technology. Product structure is already rather mature. So we have the capability and obligation to take this responsibility to integrate the resource of whole industry and let it be in order.

The project of China canned meat smart manufacturing is under planning, it will be equipped with the advanced facilities and technology . In the hope of making cost down and keep quality stable and become the core competitive ability of the enterprise. 

Rome was not built in one day. Our goal is to be an admired enterprise, we are always on the way.