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Only through wind and rain, we can become mature. Only suffer from depression and frustration, we can become stronger. In prosperity, we need self-control to keep us going up. In adversity, we need a belief of never give up to wait for the opportunity.

Thanks to the reform and opening policy of China, Meining got a very good environment to develop. More than 30 years passed, we haven’t waste of the time and opportunity. We step by step, and create an enterprise developing way characterized by Meining, we have gained a lot of cherish experience in product research and development and established a rock-solid company.

Innovation is our perpetual philosophy. We put the innovation of the concept as the guide, take the innovation of the technology as the method and take the innovation of the management as the base. We always keep highly sensitive about the requirements of the market and aim to realize the product innovation.

Quality is the commitment that we will hold forever. The customers have given us strong support and deep belief and as the feedback, we will provide high quality products to the customers.

Talents is our key to success, thanks to the talents, we get developed, and thanks to the talents, we become stronger and stronger. Talents hold the balance in Meining.

There is a long way to go to be a better enterprise. We need be humble and closely cooperate with our partners. We are expecting together with you, hand in hand to shape a fruitful future!