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Sichuan Meining Industrial Group is a mother company which has 9 subsidiaries, including Sichuan Meining Food Co., Ltd, Chengdu Yingmalong Canned Food Co., Ltd, Sichuan Meining Industrial Group Halal Food Co., Ltd, Sichuan Meining Industrial Group Shenli Food Co., Ltd, Suining Meining Agriculture Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd , Sichuan Meining Industrial Group Lanlin Water supply Co., Ltd. and etc. Our business mainly engaged in canned food production, urban water supply, pig and cattle slaughtering, meat cold storage, fresh meat selling, agriculture, trading and real estate development. With more than 40 years development and hard working, we have been honored the National Key Leading Enterprise in Agriculture Industrialization, National Model Agro-processing Enterprises and China Army Canned Food Provider. 

Meining group covers an area of more than 400 acres, the total assets is near 1 billion RMB, more than 1600 staffs. For canned food, we have invested more than 8 million RMB to established a provincial technology center, equipped with all kinds of food engineers more than 580, 23 of them have been entitled as senior food engineer. We have introduced more than 60 sets advanced tester for the technology center from domestic and overseas. Till now, we become very skillful in canned food processing and developing, and have gained 16 scientific achievements.

We are dedicating ourselves to establish a quality controllable raw material base. We have invested 410 million RMB in developing modern agriculture. In order to keep update with the world leading farming technique and apply to our beef cattle breeding base, we cooperate with many famous university’s talents. We plan to use 5-10 years to build a cattle breeding base, with 10 acres forage grass base and introduce 80,000 improved variety cows. We have two goals, one is cooperate with the farmers around the city and breed 12,000 cows, the other is establish 10 beef cattle breeding bases and breed 200,000 to 300,000 cattle each year.

We are planning to introduce the most updated canned food producing equipment from Europe within two years. Aim to cost down and make the quality more stable and finally become the core competitive ability of our company. This project covers an area of more than 320 acres, the budget is 433 million RMB. At that time, we will have three advanced automatic production lines, one for luncheon meat , one for seasoning products and the other one for kitchen products. At the same time, we will have a smart cold storage with the capacity of 10,000 tons. After this project finished, we can produce all kinds of canned food 120,000 tons, realize the turnover more than 3.6 billion RMB, there will be a turning point of our market share. Of course, this will achieve the integration of whole industry, including the can-manufacturing, printing, carton manufacturing, tinplate printing. Base on the canned food production, there will gather a lot of enterprises, a group of well-matched, closely cooperated and highly competitive industrial clusters will arise.