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Sichuan Meining Industrial Group slaughtering business has two parts, including cattle slaughtering and pig slaughtering. Sichuan Meining Industy Group Halal Food Co.,Ltd is responsible for the cattle slaughtering ,which is the designated cattle slaughtering enterprises in Suining city. The company is supervised by Langzhong Islamic Association of China. It is the national cattle industry technology system Suining comprehensive experimental station. The company is capable of slaughtering 100,000 cattle annually. Some of the fresh beef are used for our own restaurant, the rest are sold to Chengdu and Chongqing, which are well received by consumers.

Sichuan Meining Industy Group Shenli Food Co.,Ltd is responsible for pig slaughtering and Pengxi Food Co.,Ltd is responsible for segmentation and pork selling.

The capacity of Sichuan Meining Industrial Group Shenli Food is 

Slaughter about 100,000 pigs annually.

In addition to as the raw material and used to canned pork production, the pork also been sold to 20 large and medium cities nationwide.


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